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"Just scheduled a showing in my sleep. #ai #norestforthewicked 🚀"


"Got notified about a hot lead while at my kid's soccer game. Multitask much? Thanks, Oppy!⚽🏡"


"I'm not worried about late responses because Oppy handles that for me. Now I can enjoy my coffee ☕ in peace! #relaxation"


Bring your own Oppy to life

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Connect & Launch

Set Calendar, Goals and Personality

Here's the good news - no lengthy onboarding process or learning curve to bring Oppy up to speed on how you work. Simply share your preferences with Oppy, and voila, it's done! Use pre-filled goals, import your website and connect your calendar so your Oppy can schedule if/when it make sense for you.

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New Assistant Meet & Greet

Get ready to be amazed! Too good to be true? Not at all.

Get to know your new assistant by having a good ol' fashioned conversation.

Make Your Business Better

Relax... The easy part's over. This is even easier.

Watch as your assistant empathizes with clients, patiently answers questions, qualifies leads, schedules appointments and makes your business better.

Open houses chat example

Oppy is designed for businesses who need to automate their booking and support.

Oppy Agent

Agents/Property Managers

Oppy Broker

Real Estate Brokers

Oppy Designer

Interior Designers

Oppy Inspector

Home Inspectors

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Oppy Plumber


Zoom Warriors


Built by residential service providers tired of losing business and sleep due to mediocre response time.

Oppy is the COO you always wanted but could never afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oppy is an AI-driven personal assistant designed specifically for real estate agents and residential service providers. It handles inbound calls and texts, collects lead info and reviews, integrates with your CRM, ensures compliance with buyer-broker commission consent laws, and much more.

Yes, Oppy can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM via webhook, ensuring a smooth workflow. Requires Pro plan.

Oppy can easily be configured to provide a transcript in accordance with buyer-broker commission consent laws, so you’re always on the right side of the law.

Yes, Oppy can be configured to write property descriptions based on the styles you like most, freeing up your time to focus on your customers.

Yes, Oppy allows for instant booking of showings, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. Just connect and share!

Yes, with Oppy, you can provide a QR code for instant chat with your assistant, ensuring you're always accessible.

Of course! When you set up your Oppy, you'll be able to name it whatever you want. We even have a random name generator in case you need some inspiration.

Oppy uses AI to collect lead info automatically, helping you understand your clients better. You can even fine tune each Oppy to leave notes on each contact and when in a conversation to do so. I.E, "When they ask about the price, leave a note in their details about their budget."

Oppy offers traffic-aware scheduling to maximize your efficiency and ensure you're always on time. Simply make sure your calendar is up to date with locations and let your Oppy know you'd like to collect the appointment address before providing any available times. You can even go as far as asking your Oppy to only suggest the times with the least amount of travel or downtime between appointments!

Oppy is free to try with limited functionality. Pay as you go starts at $14/mo per line and pro plans start at $99/month which unlocks usage discounts.

Yes, Oppy can be assigned a local phone number for SMS.

For now Oppy is great at SMS and chat. Any calls will be answered and politely notify the caller this is a text only line. Before they hang up, they'll receive a text to carry on the conversation! For voice conversations - we are currently testing with a group of our Pro subscribers who have opted into our Voice Beta program. We will roll this feature out to all Pro members in the future. If you are a pro subscriber and would like to join our beta voice program, please contact us.

Yes! As long as you have a phone number for the customer and an Oppy pro account, you can simply use the app dashboard OR (even better) - Ask your Oppy to send a text message on your behalf. You can even ask your Oppy to send a text message to a group of people at once! Oppy will write the text for each person and go down the list for you! (For large batches, please contact us to ensure most reliable delivery)