Traffic Aware Instant Booking Explained

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Our Traffic Aware Instant Booking feature is designed to maximize your efficiency and ensure you're always on time. By considering real-time traffic conditions, Oppy schedules showings with enough buffer time to allow for travel. This means no more stress about late arrivals or rushing between appointments. Simply set your availability and let Oppy handle the rest.


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We understand how important it is to fill your day with back-to-back appointments - clients don’t. Our booking interface shows clients appointment times that will snap into place before and after existing appointments. Less wasted time means more revenue.

Travel Time Based Fees

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This feature encourages clients to book at more convenient times for you. For example, rather than book in the middle of rush hour, clients can book in the middle of the day for a lower rate.

Launch & Share In Minutes

No Coding Required

1. Launch

Open houses chat example

Import your website or create your services and launch an AI assistant who knows your business as well as any customer support human would.

2. Share

Share your assistant with your customers via a link, QR code, or embed it on your website.

3. Relax

Open houses chat example

Watch as your assistant follows your pre-defined objectives. From lead capture to traffic-aware appointment scheduling to instant customer support... What will you have it do?

Who is Oppy For?

Oppy is for Residential Service Pros

Oppy Agent

Real Estate Agents

Oppy Broker

Real Estate Brokers

Oppy Designer

Interior Designers

Oppy Inspector

Home Inspectors

Oppy Photographer


Oppy Plumber



Oppy Demo
Oppy Demo

Built by residential service providers tired of losing business and sleep due to mediocre response time.

Oppy is the COO you always wanted but could never afford.

What Our Customers Say

"Just scheduled a showing in my sleep. #ai #norestforthewicked πŸš€"


"Got notified about a hot lead while at my kid's soccer game. Multitask much? Thanks, Oppy!⚽🏑"


"I'm not worried about late responses because Oppy handles that for me. Now I can enjoy my coffee β˜• in peace! #relaxation"